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What's is Stock Card's business model?
What's is Stock Card's business model?

This short article explains our subscription plans, and helps you figure out the best one for you.

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We have three subscription plans. We don't like to charge you anything if you are a light stock market investor and only research a few stocks every month. As you do more research, and depending on your needs, we'll invite you to consider our paid subscription plans.

Let's go through them:

Stock Card Starter:

This is our forever free plan. 

  • If you are a light researcher,

  • Only research and review a few companies per month, 

Then, Stock Card Starter is for you. You can use our Advanced Filters, follow as many Stock Cards as you wish, and never pay anything.

Stock Card Prime:

Next step is Stock Card Prime. 

  • If you are a heavy stock market research, 

  • You dig deep into several companies every month,

Then, Stock Card Prime may be a better plan for you. Unlimited, detailed research is what you get with this plan. Plus, if you ever come across a company that is not covered yet by Stock Card, you can request it and our team publishes its Stock Card in a few hours.

Stock Card VIP:

We have several real portfolios on our Portfolio Store. Each of them is managed by a real investor, and if you'd like to see those investors' picks, and learn about their reason as to why they've invested in any company, you may upgrade to Stock Card VIP. 

  • This plan is for those investor who like to follow other successful investors,

  • You can read those investors' reasons as to why they've picked one company over another,

  • You get notifications every time a new stock is picked by those real investors.

We add new portfolios all the time. For example, Marijuana portfolio, or Bet on China portfolio are a few of the new additions. 

  • Also, not to forget that Stock Card VIP members have all the Stock Card Prime advantages too. 

Check this very short video to see how following other investors work:

If you have any questions about our subscription plans and prices, please chat with us using the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Thanks!

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