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How often to invest?
How often to invest?

How often you invest dictates how much time you would need to spend on your investment.

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The answer to this question depends on whether you are an investor or a trader. Remember that what we discussed this topic in earlier sections? A trader gets in and out of stocks and funds frequently. Investors do not buy and sell frequently. They look for great businesses, invest in them, and hold them for a long time. 

Moreover, the frequency depends on your process. In other words, if you invest steady and in small chunks, you'll be making small and frequent decisions. If you invest in lump sums, there are less frequent decisions to make, but more at stake. In a steady and slow method, you have a lot of more control, but you also need to spend more time on your investing.

Action: Decide whether you'd prefer to spend a little bit of time frequently to make small decisions, or you'd rather take your time, do your research in detail, and make one major decision, infrequently. The answer depends on how much time and interest you have every day, week, or month to spend on your investment.

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