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Stock Card is your first stop βœ‹
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πŸ‘‹ You made a great decision to give Stock Card a try. Now, let's talk about how we built it to be the 1st stop every time you hear about a stock or a fund.

It's Hoda, founder and CEO of Stock Card, again. In my welcome email, I told you that I built Stock Card to simplify the investment research for you and me based on facts and without noise. A part of that simplification is quickly understanding what a stock or an ETF is about and whether it is worth your further attention.

Here's how πŸ‘‡

πŸ€” Imagine This Situation

You are on Twitter or talking to friends. They tell you about a stock or an ETF and how it has soared or crashed in the last two months. Between Twitter scrolls or your friends pausing to sip their drinks, you google the ticker to see its price chart and read a line or two about it.

But it's impossible to decide without reading at least a few articles or delving into its quarterly reports. You can't even decide whether the stock is worth your time. You promise to yourself that you will research it later.

⏲️ Later On

Two things may happen:

  1. Either you forget about it and miss a buying opportunity.

  2. Or, you start researching the stock, spending way too much time spiraling down the Internet's rabbit hole only to realize the company is in too much debt that it is not even worth your time. It's a shame you have spent way too much on it already.

Good thing you decided to create a Stock Card account yesterday.

πŸ‘† Your First Stop

Stock Card is your first stop after hearing about a stock or a fund. Look it up, and in seconds, get a good sense of its growth potential, financial strength, valuation, sentiment, and more.

πŸ‘‰ We call it Layer One research. It's the color-coded squares you see when you go to any Stock Card or ETF Card, and it only takes a few seconds to understand.

⏹️ What Do The Squares Mean?

Each square represents one crucial aspect of a company or fund's financial and non-financial information that matters to your investment decision.

The engine behind each card calculates a score using 100s of reliable data sources and translates them into easy-to-understand and actionable colored squares and icons.

For every U.S. listed stock, Stock Card can give a good sense of its growth potential, financial strength, past return history, valuation, price range, and market sentiment.

For every U.S. listed ETF, Stock Card can show you how expensive and risky it is, and give a good sense of the market sentiment, return history, and valuation.

Now that you are here, why not look up a stock or a fund to see how in less than one minute and at a glance, you can decide whether you need to spend more time on a stock or a fund. Go ahead, stop by your favorite stock and fund.

Here are two I recommend:

🏎️ Go to Tesla (TSLA)

πŸš€ Other Investors Loved It

Since I launched Stock Card in 2018, roughly 70,000 investors have signed up and made Stock Card their first stop.

Prominent financial creators such as Joseph Hogue, Brian Feroldi, Brian Stoffel, and Ramin Nakisa understood the mission and joined us as partners by sharing their portfolios on Portfolio Center.

🎯 It's Your Turn

You can use Stock Card as your first stop too. I invite you to subscribe to Stock Card VIP and get unlimited access to all features. I can't wait to see how you use it in your research.

But if you decide not to upgrade today, it's okay. You can still use the platform for free. Same tool, same features, same value, but just limited in the number of times you can use it. We give away all of our functionalities for free, but you can use them a limited number of times per month.

🎁 Your Welcome Gift

Although Stock Card is free to use, there is an unlimited VIP version. If you upgrade today, I have a special gift for you. On the payment page, use promo code πŸ’ŽwelcomeπŸ’Ž and get 20% off your first subscription.

If you subscribe to an annual plan using the πŸ’ŽwelcomeπŸ’Žpromo code, your 20% discount equals $50 that goes back into your pocket. You also automatically get another 20% discount when you subscribe annually. It's a unique offer for new users and only lasts a few days since your sign-up date.

😊 No Risk To You

By the way, we don't even charge you for the first 14 days. We offer a 14-day free trial to use Stock Card, for free, without any risk. If you don't like it, all it takes is one click to cancel. There is no charge and no risk to you during the 14-day free trial. So, why not give it a try now.

Upgrade to VIP using promo code πŸ’ŽwelcomeπŸ’Ž now!

Welcome to Stock Card!

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