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Find your shortcuts ✂️ with Stock Card
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Following other investors, looking at how they research stocks and ETFs and manage their portfolios can give you a shortcut to better investment decisions. But, who is worth following?

It's been a few days since you became a Stock Cardian. It's time you get to know fellow Stock Cardians who can be your shortcut to better investing.

It's Hoda, founder, and CEO of Stock Card. Let me introduce you to a few of those Stock Cardians 👇

What Is An Investing Shortcut?

We all have different financial goals, amounts of money to invest, and time horizons to hold our portfolios. In an ideal situation, we each create an investment plan for ourselves based on those goals and time horizon and use it to research and pick stocks and ETFs that can help us achieve those goals.

However, life won't stop to give us time to do all that. And that's when taking a shortcut becomes essential.

The most common and easiest shortcut is finding other investors with similar goals and high-quality investment research processes that we agree with and gathering the information we need from them. We watch YouTube videos, read SeekingAlpha articles, or follow other investors on Twitter for the same reason.

👉 In other words, we take investing shortcuts by following others.

✂️ Find Your Investing Shortcuts on Stock Card

At Stock Card, we built Portfolio Center as the easiest way to find other investors who you can follow and use as your investing shortcuts. Many of your fellow Stock Cardians create a portfolio and make it publicly available on Portfolio Center.

When they do so, they share their goal and strategy for each portfolio, and you can use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to find those who match yours.

When a portfolio is public, its holdings become publicly available, and you can follow and monitor the portfolio to make sure you like and believe in its holdings.

But, wait! It gets even better ...

Some Stock Cardians who share their portfolios are even your favorite YouTubers and Twitter personalities who have joined Stock Card as partners. I personally follow quite a few of them as my investing shortcuts.

Here are a few you should consider following:

The man behind the Let's Talk Money YouTube channel, Joseph Hogue, runs the Bow Tie Nation portfolio. I like Joseph for his independent mind. You never see him chasing trends or what's popular. His independent research has helped him create a portfolio that has beaten the S&P even during the market turbulence in early 2022.

The duo of Brian Feroldi and Brian Stoffel run a few portfolios on Stock Card. They match their portfolios with their YouTube channel research and analysis. You can find their points of view on the most popular stocks out there and learn about how they score such stocks every time they add one to their portfolios.

Ramin Nakisa is a former hedge fund manager building a winning portfolio of global assets on Stock Card. Following Ramin is like having your own investment banker who helps you navigate the market.

🎯 It's Your Turn

There are nearly 100s of other investors you can follow through our Portfolio Center. It's your turn to visit it, find your favorite investors, and take a shortcut to better investment decisions.

Since I launched Stock Card in 2018, roughly 70,000 investors have signed up and found other investors to follow. You can use Stock Card as your way of making shortcuts to better decisions.

🎁 Your Welcome Gift

Although Stock Card is free to use, there is an unlimited VIP version. If you upgrade today, I have a special gift for you. On the payment page, use promo code 💎welcome💎 and get 20% off your first subscription.

If you subscribe to an annual plan using the 💎welcome💎promo code, your 20% discount equals $50 that goes back into your pocket. You also automatically get another 20% discount when you subscribe annually. It's a unique offer for new users and only lasts a few days since your sign-up date.

😊 No Risk To You

By the way, we don't even charge you for the first 14 days. We offer a 14-day free trial to use Stock Card, for free, without any risk. If you don't like it, all it takes is one click to cancel. There is no charge and no risk to you during the 14-day free trial. So, why not give it a try now.

Upgrade to VIP using promo code 💎welcome💎 now!

Welcome to Stock Card!

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