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What does the color-coding on Stock Card mean?
What does the color-coding on Stock Card mean?

All the information on Stock Card is color-coded by Green, Yellow, Red, and Grey. What do they the mean and how to use them?

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If you are wondering what the color-coding on Stock Card means, you are not alone. Other users have asked us the same question. Simply, the color-coding on Stock Card is similar to a traffic light. We are all familiar with the color-coding of a traffic light, so the logic is similar. Let me explain a bit more specific:

  • A green checkmark indicates a BUY decision or a positive data point

  • A red X mark indicates an AVOID decision or a negative data point

  • A yellow dash mark indicates a HOLD decision or an unclear situation with an equal number of negative and positive data points

  • A circle with a question mark indicates a WATCHLIST decision or lack of applicable data point(s)

  • A blue circle with a β€œ?” icon opens a pop-up bubble that explains why that specific data point or insight matters to your investment decision

To explain more and get more specific, our CEO recorded a video to explain the color-coding system with an example:

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