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How To Use Stock Card
How To Use Stock Card

This is a series of short articles, videos, and examples to help you become a Stock Card power user! Yay!

What about non-U.S. stocks?How does Stock Card cover non-U.S. stocks?
How to research a stock in less than 5 minutes?This article shows how you use Stock Card to research stocks in three steps.
What are the 3 simple ways to find new stocks on Stock Card?This article shows how to use Stock Card to find new stocks quickly.
How to cut noise in your stock market research?This article shows how following a Stock Card can cut noise in your stock market research.
How do I screen stocks on Stock Card?This article explains how you can use Stock Card's search and filters to screen stocks and discover new ideas.
How do I use the "Sentiment" gauge on Stock Cards?All Stock Cards come with a "Sentiment" gauge. What do they mean and how to use them?
What does the color-coding on Stock Card mean?All the information on Stock Card is color-coded by Green, Yellow, Red, and Grey. What do they the mean and how to use them?
How to get updates about Stock Card's portfolios?This article shows how you can follow any of Stock Card's portfolios.
How do I use Stock Card for Options?A quick overview of how some users conduct their option picking research on Stock Card.
Why do some companies have more than one Stock Cards?This article explains the dual share-class structure of some companies and digs into the difference in their associated Stock Cards.
How to find volatile stocks on Stock CardIn this article, we discuss common ways you can find the biggest market movers.
How to follow and unfollow a stock or an ETF on Stock Card?In this section, you can learn how to follow/unfollow a stock or an ETF.
What does the bearish or bullish sentiment indicator on Stock Card mean?In this article, we discuss market sentiment and how to interpret its indicator on Stock Card.
How to Create a Portfolio on Stock CardIn this post, we show you how to create a portfolio and how to use your Stock Card portfolio better