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How To Use Stock Card
How to research a stock in less than 5 minutes?
How to research a stock in less than 5 minutes?

This article shows how you use Stock Card to research stocks in three steps.

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Our users tell us that before Stock Card, it took them an average of 90 minutes to research a stock. With Stock Card, it only takes less than 5 minutes! Stock Card saves you time. Let's start with researching stocks in three simple steps without confusion:

Step # 1: On the Home page, enter a company name or a ticker symbol in the search box. For example, AAPL.


Once you click on the name, you will see the company's Stock Card. Stock Card automatically collects and shows all the most important information you would need to research any stock. For example, this is Apple's Stock Card, and you can learn that it has strong operations, and other investors are investing in the company as a Buy & Hold stock.


β€‹πŸ’‘ The cool part is that everything on Stock Card is clickable.
Step # 2
: Click on any sections to learn more about the company. For example, click on Strong Operations to see what metrics contribute to the company's strong operations. Click on "Click to learn more" to further expand each section, as seen in the picture below.


​Step # 3: See and compare your strategy for that stock with your fellow investors' strategy.


​Go ahead and look up all your favorite companies! If you have any questions, you can go to our Help Center or ping us on our website's live chat.

Catch you later.

Happy investing!

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