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What are the 3 simple ways to find new stocks on Stock Card?
What are the 3 simple ways to find new stocks on Stock Card?

This article shows how to use Stock Card to find new stocks quickly.

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"Discover" is one of the most powerful features of Stock Card. Let us show you how:

Step # 1: Click on the “Discover” link on the header of the website. The Discover page has four tabs. The more you use Stock Card, the more these tabs get personalized to you.

​Use the Featured Themes tab to find interesting theme-based companies such as Companies Shaping the Future or Work-From-Home stocks!

Step # 2
: Use Filters to screen stocks that fit your criteria. For example, what if you are interested in stocks with "Strong Operations" and are "Undervalued?"

Click on Filters, and then open a new Filter. There are several easy to choose Filters available to you. Here, we have selected "Strong operations" and "Undervalued" Hit "Apply" to see your results:

Step # 3: In the search bar at the top of the Discover page, type "artificial intelligence", and you can see how easily you get to a list of companies that use artificial intelligence to build their products:

​Try a few other themes and terms. A few good examples are "Work-From-Home", "5G technology" and "Stocks for Beginners."

Try it out! It's exciting to see how one can discover new stocks in a matter of minutes. It's like magic!

Happy investing!

Visit our Help Center or ping us on our website's live chat if you have any questions.

Happy investing!

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