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How to find volatile stocks on Stock Card
How to find volatile stocks on Stock Card

In this article, we discuss common ways you can find the biggest market movers.

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Written by Randy Scutt, (a.k.a The Perma Bull)
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Many investors pay attention to the stocks that move the most each day. Sometimes, those stocks that drop significantly represent interesting so-called "buy the dip" opportunities, although price recovery isn't guaranteed. Other times, stocks with big positive jumps indicate good news that may continue to pay off; again, this is not guaranteed.

Although Stock Card is a fundamental research platform, it is still fun and interesting to see and research those volatile stocks.

You can find those biggest movers of the day under our website's "trending" section. Click on trending, and then look for these two options:

The lists refresh every 15 min and show the stocks with the biggest positive and negative moves.

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