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How to Create a Portfolio on Stock Card
How to Create a Portfolio on Stock Card

In this post, we show you how to create a portfolio and how to use your Stock Card portfolio better

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The ultimate goal of any active investor making individual stock or ETF decisions is to make investments that are better than the alternative of investing in passive index ETFs such as the S&5 500 index ETF.

That's why we built Stock Card's Your Portfolio feature. It helps you track and compare each investment vs. the S&P 500 index.

You can create a ew portfolio by visiting Your Portfolio section, under Your Research. Click on the blue button on the top-left of the page.

By creating a portfolio, you can assess your decision quality, ask yourself if you are beating the market, and learn from your investment process that may have led to an underperforming stock or ETF pick.

You have the choice of keeping your portfolio public or private. Keeping it private means it stays visible only to you. Making it public publishes the portfolio to our Portfolio Center, and other Stock Card users can view, follow, and learn from your ideas.

Sometimes, we run stock-picking competitions, and to join the contest, you can create a portfolio and make it public.

The video below shows how you can create a portfolio if a stock-picking competition is live on our website.

Now, go create your portfolio!

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